Summer Favorites!

It’s officially summer! It’s so crazy that we are more than half way done with 2017. It seems like just yesterday we were watching Mariah Carrey bomb her New Years performance, and now I’m planning my fall semester that’s only 2 months away! So because summer has reared it’s 110 degree head, I figured I would do a summer favorites! Below are some things that I’ve been loving so far this summer. Enjoy!

  1. Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Lotion. Oh my god does this smell amazing. It’s Coconut Papaya scented and has ribbons of aloe vera in it. It’s great for cooling your skin after time in the sun and even better when you’re burnt.


  1. Sol Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream. Okay, pretty much everything in this post smells great honestly. But this one takes the cake. This is a lotion that my mom got me for Christmas from Sephora and it’s the best lotion I’ve ever come across. It has a really summery smell, but not like sun-tan lotion. Just take my word for it, go to Sephora and check it out.


  1. Sol Janeiro Brazilian Kiss Lip Butter. This came with the lotion and it’s pretty kickass too. It smells really good and honestly isn’t super moisturizing, but I like using it anyways.


  1. Psychic Dream Spray by Species by the Thousands. I got this online when I was ordering some clothes from Tilly’s. It was on clearance and I had been wanting a pillow spray of sorts for a while now so I gave it a shot. I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived and was a really natural spray made of real essential oils. It hasn’t cured my insomnia but my pillows smell really good.


  1. Sand Cloud Glass Water Bottle. Holy Moses this bottle is beautiful. I recently became a Sand Cloud ambassador, so I ordered some things for my birthday so that I could really represent the brand and all that they do. They are a really great brand and a portion of every purchase is donated to help save marine life. This bottle is honestly not the most practical because it’s made of glass, but it will look great while it lasts! Use my code MadisonBen25 for 25% off everything on their website!


  1. The Gnarly Whale Beach Wave Spray. This sea salt spray gives your hair the perfect summer beach waves! It smells beachy as well, it’s Coconut Milk and Peaches scented, made of all natural ingredients and it’s human tested/vegan friendly!


  1. Go Be Lovely Coconut Milk Perfume. I got this at a precious little boutique in Huntington Beach but I’ve seen the brand sold at upscale grocery stores like Nugget and Whole Foods. This scent is so light and summery, and the roller ball is so convenient!


  1. Beauty & the Beast! I had never seen the original, but once I saw the new one in theaters, I was hooked. I bought both the original and the new live action musical on DVD and have been rewatching them ever since!


I hope you enjoyed my current summer favorites! Most of them are beauty related, but all of them are perfect for summer. Let me know your summer favorites, or if you try out any of mine!

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