How to Survive Getting Sick in College



In most areas of life, preventing an issue is easier than handling it later. If you share a room or apartment with other people, it’s crucial to clean handles, knobs, light switches etc., so that germs don’t spread.

As soon as you feel sickness coming on, batten down the hatches! Airborne is the best way to prevent those germs from becoming a full blown illness. Also be sure to hydrate! Drinking water with electrolytes will help you to stay hydrated.

Sick Day



Okay, so you got sick anyways. It happens to the best of us. Now, it’s time to work towards getting better!

1. Identify What You Have – If you know what’s wrong, then you’re better equipped to fix it. Your school should offer free health services, so you can go get checked out by the school nurse and figure out what’s really going on.

2. Treat Accordingly – If you have a stomach bug, get mild foods like bland soup, bread and crackers. If you have a head cold, get both daytime and nighttime cold medicine, because you want to make sure that you’re staying on a good sleep schedule and not letting the illness affect your schoolwork. If your sickness affects your throat, be sure to gargle with warm salt water to kill off any infection.

3. Isolate Yourself – College is very social, like, all the time. There’s nothing worse than getting sick before a party or event that you were looking forward to, but it’s never worth it. Being around people when you have a lowered immune system can set you back days in healing time. You also don’t want to be spreading your germs to other people!

4. Keep Hydrating – Sometimes it’s hard to want to drink water when you feel crappy, but staying hydrated is really important. Water with electrolytes, gatorade and pedialyte all help with hydration.

5. Order Food – Being sick is a great excuse to get food delivered straight to your dorm. My favorite sick meal is Pho with Sriracha! Use my Uber Eats codeĀ eats-madisonw2984ue and get $10 off your first meal order!

And last, but most importantly –

6. Rest – I know a lot of people are big advocates for ‘sweating it out’, meaning pushing themselves to work out in order to get rid of their sickness, but it’s a fine line between helpful and hurtful. Often, your body just needs rest to fight the sickness. Let yourself lay around for a few days, catch up on your Netflix watch-list and just feel better!


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