13 Most Bingable Shows on Netflix

1. Friends – The most bingable show in existence. I stand firm on that opinion.

2. The Office – Politically incorrect and completely hilarious.

The Office

3. Arrested Development – They put the fun in disfunction. And it’s great.

Arrested Development

4. Gilmore Girls – The most iconic mother daughter duo. Coffee coffee coffee!

Gilmore Girls

5. Weeds – Middle class mom turned drug dealer. Nancy Botwin is the badass we all need in our lives.


6. Pretty Little Liars – It stretches a bit thin at the end, but the majority of the show is interesting in its twists and turns.

Pretty Little Liars

7. Hart of Dixie – Big city doctor moves to small town Alabama. It’s funny, lighthearted and there are lots of love triangle dramas.

Hart of Dixie

8. Grey’s Anatomy – Funny/sweet/heartbreaking. The doctors will become members of your family. Just don’t get too attached, it is a Shonda show!


9. Parks & Recreation – May we all aspire to be more like Leslie Knope, with a best friend like Ron Swanson.

Parks & Rec

10. New Girl – Jess, Nick, Winston, Schmidt, Cece. They all bring their own quirky, incredible humor to the table.

New Girl

11. Parenthood – An incredibly well done show about family and everything that comes along with it. Plus, Lauren Graham !!


12. Shameless – It will no doubt make you wish you were a Gallagher from Chicago. Somehow the insane dysfunction looks desirable!


13. Stranger Things – Yes. It is worth the hype. If you haven’t seen it, clear your schedule and get started.

Stranger Things

There you have it, 13 incredible, bingable shows. All of them available on Netflix! Let me know your favorite binge-worthy shows! ♡

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