College Winter Necessities

Moving from California to Rhode Island has been a rude awakening, weather wise. New England is no joke, and while so far the weather has been mild (by New England standards), I’m quickly ¬†learning what it takes to survive the cold. Here are the products and items that I’ve found to be absolutely necessary when going to school somewhere cold.

Beauty –¬†Between the fierce cold weather and constantly running the heater, your skin and hair need as much TLC as possible. Here are some must have beauty products.

Thick Moisturizer – I’m obsessed with Cetaphil’s Moisturizing Lotion, it’s moisturizing, but doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily.

A Good Deep Conditioner – I think that in places where it gets really cold, they put something in the water so that it doesn’t freeze in the pipes. I could be wrong, but my hair has felt SO much more dry after showering here in Rhode Island. Although, lets be honest, a good deep conditioner is necessary no matter where you live.

Lotion – Same as my hair, the shower water seems to strip my body of all moisture. Lotion is so necessary for your poor skin after all the changes in the weather.

Vaseline – My go to for chapped lips, plus one little tub of it will get you through college because a little goes a long way!

Dorm – If you’re lucky, you may end up with a nice dorm room and a quality heating and air system. But more often than not, dorms have cinderblock walls, cold linoleum floors and crappy ventilation. These are items that have helped me thaw after walking back from class in the freezing cold & stay warm in my cold dorm room.

Heating Blanket – What’s better than a soft blanket? One that heats up. The holy grail of warmth in the winter.

Fleece Blanket – My bed is set with my heating blanket and down comforter, but a fleece blanket is a must-have for wrapping up in. Especially when the fire alarm goes off in the middle of the night and you have to stand outside in the cold while they determine that someone was just smoking in their room. Seriously.

Rug – Crucial if you have linoleum floors, and still beneficial if you have carpet. It keeps the room warmer and creates an added seating area!

Space Heater – Even with 5 blankets I still find this to be necessary. Especially for when you get out of the shower and re-enter the cold harsh world.


Beanies – They say a majority of your warmth comes out of your head and your feet, so keeping those both warm is a good place to start. Stock up on a few good beanies, my favorite is Carhartt – they’re cheap and great quality!

L.L. Bean Boots – I don’t know about other places where it snows, but I do know that if you live in New England it’s like a right of passage to own Bean Boots. They’re warm, fashionable and last forever.

Blanket Scarves¬†– These are heaven sent! Something else I’ve learned about the cold is that it HURTS. Blanket scarves help protect your face and ears, and when you get to class you can wrap yourself up in them like a regular blanket!

Gloves – They say cold hands warm heart, but I’d rather have warms hands.

A Snuggly Pullover – This one isn’t exactly necessary, but it helps. Invest in a nice sherpa fleece pullover for studying and hanging out inside, they are SO comfy and SO worth the money.

A Good Winter Coat – Being from California I didn’t even own a decent jacket, but having a serious winter coat is necessary if you live somewhere with a real winter. This will be the biggest investment, but you get what you pay for, so don’t be afraid to dip into the savings, you will be grateful when the weather dips below zero!

There you have it, winter necessities! Let me know what your favorite winter staples are!

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Welcome! My name is Madison and I'm a 21 year old college student, dog mom and avid napper. I'm a serious introvert attempting to brave the world one trip out of my room at a time. Follow my journey as I attempt to stay awake long enough to be a productive adult!

One thought on “College Winter Necessities

  1. As someone who’s lived in a state with 6 months of winter, I approve of this list.
    Although sometimes I see people wearing shorts in 0 degree weather around here…


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